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pn-pt w godzinach 900-1700

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telefon: (77) 46 44 042

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Walidrogi ul. Opolska 66A
46-050 Tarnów Opolski
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100% Accuri Fluo Yellow Anti-Fog Clear Lens gogle PROMOCJA!
100% Accuri Fluo Yellow Anti-Fog Clear Lens gogle

299,00 zł
221,00 zł
Dostępność: na magazynie, realizacja 7 dni Allegro
Koszt wysyłki już od: 8,60 zł
artykuł nr
100% Accuri Fluo Yellow Anti-Fog Clear Lens gogle
The Accuri is an inconspicuous companion. It helps to focus on the competition and stay on the racing line so as to drive best times.
100%'ve always been a synonym for the American motocross and is associated with many formative moments that have made Motocross to what it is today. The roots of 100% is found in the early eighties, when the famous 100% logo icon for the equipment of the biggest names in motocross was. 30 years later, the passion is still the same for racing and 100% inspired it a whole new generation of athletes. Meanwhile, including some of the top mountain bikers to the 100% drivers: Andrew Neethling, Nico Vouilloz but Mick and Tracey Hannah.


  • Color: Yellow - Black
  • Lens: Anti-fog coating of Lexan lens for perfect visibility. Same lens shape in the entire Product line
  • Fastening the lens: Restraint system with 9 pins ensures the best possible attachment on the market
  • Foam: Three-layer absorbent foam against moisture
  • Goggle strap: 45mm wide double silicone coated, prevents slipping
  • Simplicity: All 100% Googels for adults share the same lens and tear-off system
  • To the point focus: The Accuri helps almost stoically to focus easily on the competition, always keep in good conscience remain on the racing line and driving the fastest time

Zakres dostawy:

  • 1 x Accuri Fluo Yellow - Anti Fog Clear Lens
  • Microfiber bag


100% — that is virtually synonymous with the American motocross sport. It all started in the eighties — the 100% logo became the companion of the great names in motocross. The passion for racing has remained. Today also some top mountain bikers are among the 100% drivers: Andrew Neethling, Nico Vouilloz, but Mick and Tracey Hannah.
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